• With AcuraLink® The Next Generation, your Acura can become a destination in and of itself. The Connect package activates your vehicle’s on-board cellular transceiver, so you can log into your Acura through a seamless experience that bridges web, mobile and in-car systems.73
  • PC, smartphone, tablet — you can access your vehicle, check its vitals even lock the doors — using practically any device with web access.
  • With AcuraLink The Next Generation, your instrument cluster has a double life: its classic role in the vehicle and a new existence online. You can log into it anytime for a real-time look at vital systems, including tire pressure status, battery condition, fuel and oil pressure level and odometer reading. You can even run diagnostics that can help you or a mechanic troubleshoot issues, all from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Or didn’t you? You’ll never wonder again, because you can lock or unlock your doors from your office, a coffee shop, virtually anywhere your smartphone and Acura have a signal. You can also flash the lights and sound the horn. After all, even an Acura can blend in to a packed parking lot on a Sunday-afternoon.
  • AcuraLink The Next Generation syncs with your vehicle’s onboard Maintenance Minder and alerts you when you need routine service or repair. Want to schedule service? There’s no need to call; you can make an appointment with your dealer right in the app.
    Stay informed with the in-app message center. If you need to know more about your Acura, your entire owner’s manual is built into the experience.
  • You can access your vehicle’s navigation system maps through your smartphone, tablet or pc. You can search for destinations, plot routes and plan your journey on your phone, then send a ready-to-drive itinerary to your vehicle.